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See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:


Since 2004, we have depended upon the professional advise and services of LS Property Management in the management and rental of our property. LS Property Management is a complete management service Company in that they provide daily management of the property and the rental, they pay all of the bills, including the mortgages & taxes, and provide monthly, as well as, year end statements for tax purposes. We have never had a vacancy or a complaint at this property. We highly recommend the services of LS Property Management to our friends and family, who have also contracted with LS Property Management for the same professional services.

— Bridget M. Los Angeles, CA

I’ve known John since 2000. After my wife and I moved out of the country to Macau in 2002, John has been taking care of our house in Whittier, CA. It’s been more than eight years now. If I can use one word to describe John as our property manager, it’ll be: trustworthy. While we are away, John has taken care of everything on our behalf: finding new tenants, re-carpeting the entire house, putting on a new roof, and finding a place to store some of the books that I couldn’t take with me. As they say, the devil is in the in details. John has taken care of all the details on our behalf with honesty, sincerity, professionalism, and transparency. He is dependable and, most of all, trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone, anytime.

— Zhidong H. Macau, China


Hi my name is Christine, and I am a tenant at one of the properties managed by LS Property Management. Over the years that I have been living here, I have been completely satisfied with the professionalism and courtesy of the management and staff of LS Property Management. The management and staff are very personable, attentive, and respectful. If there are ever any problems or issues with the property, they communicate and work promptly to resolve any issues.

The property itself is very well maintained, and I have never had any problems as far as the safety of the property at any time. The neighborhood is family friendly, and has a very warm feel to it. I have had several family and friends visit my apartment, and I have received numerous compliments about the building itself, comparing it to other apartments that are in the Whittier area. In fact, I have had friends ask me to inform them of any vacancies in our building because they feel it is a place that they would feel comfortable living in and raising their families. I have lived in different areas in the city of Whittier, and this location has exceeded my expectations the best.

— Ms. Christine A. Whittier, CA

Hi, my name is Jorge, I’m very happy with the services at LS Property Management. Whenever I’ve had an unexpected problem in my home and had to call for maintenance, a technician has always been dispatched shortly after my request. That is why I remain truly loyal to the LS Property Management family.

— Jorge S. La Habra, CA

Former Employees

Something you should be proud of: your systems are top notch, better than a lot of the systems that are in place with this company. Last week, I was brought to one of our sister properties for training on move-out inspections and putting together the turnover punch list. About 70% of the way through the inspection training, the property manager there said we didn't need to continue. I obviously knew what I was doing, and then asked me to do a walk through with him and his maintenance supervisor to give my input on a few things they were stumped on and see if they missed anything. Afterward, we came back to the office and he reported to our area manager that he doesn't know why she had me come there for training, he ended up learning from me! John, I can't thank you enough for everything you taught me. It's all you and your training! These corporate guys don't have NOTHING on you! I'm working on making the under-sink pan liners a corporate-wide policy. I got permission from our regional maintenance supervisor to do test drives of different materials at our property, report back to him, and then he'll run it up the flagpole to roll out nationwide. 


All my best,


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