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Where to Advertise Your Rental Property | Whittier Landlord Education

One of the best ways to find a well-qualified applicant quickly and to limit the cost and headache of vacancy is by advertising your rental property well. With the right advertising strategies, you can attract a large pool of prospective applicants to your listing and encourage a good group of people to view your home and potentially fill out an application.

Today, we’re discussing where you should be advertising your vacant Whittier rental property for the most effective marketing outcomes.

Online Advertising is Best

Most good applicants will be looking for homes online. Online advertising is the best way to reach a large pool of applicants who are actively looking for new homes. Use all the popular rental sites such as Hotpads, Zillow,, PadMapper, and Zumper. These are the places where your best prospective applicants are looking. Social media posts can also help, especially if people are sharing your listing with their friends and family members who are looking for a new rental.

You want to make the most out of your online listing. In order to get the attention of prospective renters, make sure you’re using high quality photos and writing great descriptions. Be detailed. Don’t forget to include your contact information and relevant details about the property like price, move-in date, number of bedrooms, and whether pets are allowed.

Consider Professional Signage

While online advertising is the fastest and most effective way to advertise, it’s not the only method that works. Signage can also help you reach the people who may be driving or walking through the neighborhood. Some people are wary of putting up signs because they don’t want everyone to know that the property is vacant. They fear it will invite crime. However, professional signage can be impactful. Avoid the signs made with poster board and magic marker. Make them look good and include your contact information.

Use Your Professional Network

Even if you’re only renting out one property; you need to treat that investment home like a business. And what do business people do? They network. When your property is available, make sure everyone knows it. Print up a flier that you can leave on community boards and sell your rental to the people you talk to every day, whether it’s at work or school or at association and volunteer meetings. When you network with other leasing agents and Realtors, you open yourself up to new prospective applicants. You always want to be expanding your network of potential applicants.

The smartest way to advertise your rental property is by using a professional property management company. Property managers have advertising resources and reach that individual landlords cannot access. You can be sure that your manager will know how and where to reach the largest pool of excellent applicants.

If you have any questions or you’d like some help developing an advertising plan, please contact us at LS Property Management. We’d love to tell you more.

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